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We are bringing forward an exciting vision for Southall – a new place to live, work and relax, which includes a new creative industrial hub, on the site of the former Honey Monster factory.

These concepts are being brought forward by Galliard Homes, with the designs led by a team of world-class architects, landscape architects and consultant team.

We have now submitted a full planning application to Ealing Council. You can view the application and submit your comments via the Council’s planning portal using the reference number: 191022FUL.

If you would like to learn more about our scheme you can do so by reading the summary below and downloading our Online Update document.

The masterplan comprises nine individual Blocks integrated amongst four character zones – Canal Basin Park, Central Main Street, the Canal Path and Canal Gardens.

The proposals are designed to fit in with the existing context of the site and the wider Southall area, through referencing the site’s industrial heritage and maximising access to the canal.

The design incorporates a variety of building heights, ranging from 2 to up to 29 storeys, optimises the potential of this significant brownfield site ensuring the delivery of a large, high quality area of public realm.

We believe that this site has the potential to provide:
  • Around 980 jobs, many accessible for local people.
  • 1,997 new homes, including affordable, provided within Blocks A to H.
  • Space for creative industries, with the potential for a new film studio, adding to West London’s famous production history.
  • Improved transport links including new bus routes, pedestrian and cycle links.
  • New green and sustainable public open space.
  • An attractive new district within Southall on this redundant site.
Furthermore, the plans will provide:
  • Approximately 23,000sqm of creative industrial space potentially for the film studios and associated uses.
  • Approximately 5,300sqm of light industrial space.
  • Approximately 2,100sqm of commercial and community space.
  • 4,500sqm of play space for all age groups, over 3,000sqm of which will be publically accessible play facilities within the public realm.

A new road network will be created as part of this development, opening up transport opportunities to the west, linking through the Montreaux site, and to the south.

Parking and servicing has also been carefully considered as part of the Masterplan for this site, reflective of its close proximity to public transport services.

  • Car parking on site will be kept to a minimum in accordance with local and regional planning policy.
  • A total of 3% of homes (60) will be provided with a disabled parking space.
  • There will also be 3,472 dedicated long and short stay cycle parking spaces.

The site and proposed buildings will be as sustainable as possible, with a view to reducing the carbon footprint of the site, preserving water, increasing biodiversity and providing improved green open spaces.

We are keen to hear your views on these proposals to help inform our final plans. You can leave your comments or request a physical copy of the Online Update by: